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Welcome to the South Shore Reading Council (SSRC)

SSRC programs are just one way of caring for our community!

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Welcome to the South Shore Reading Council (SSRC)

The South Shore Reading Council is a non-profit volunteer literacy organization located in Longueuil-Greenfield Park on Montreal's South Shore. Based upon our goal to eradicate illiteracy, our philosophy is to individualize our programs to suit each student's individual needs. We strive to serve the surrounding South Shore communities with various reading literacy programs and activities for individuals as well as for families such as; one-on-one tutoring, Mother Goose family literacy program, Seniors program, and Youth & Peer Tutoring. Since we are a not-for-profit volunteer organization, all members of the South Shore Reading Council are volunteers except for the secretary and executive director. The SSRC is administered by a 7 member board committee.

Meeting the Needs of Our Community

Many of our students have gone on to finish their High School education and in a few cases, to take C.E.G.E.P. and University courses.

Parents and grandparents are now able to share the joy of reading to their children and grandchildren.

Learning to read helps to promote self-esteem and confidence in adults who may seek better employment and be able to give more back to their community.

Our Goals

To improve general literacy levels in the community

To co-operate with other literacy groups and programs.

To raise the level of awareness of the community to the need for improved literacy.

To teach basic English reading, writing, numeracy and life skills to youths and adults.

Our Partners

Annie Beauregard

Saint Lambert Regional Community Learning Centre


Carol Ann Brown

St-John's High School Community Learning Centre

Shawnee Chartrand

St. Jude Community Learning Centre

Brian Peddar

Richelieu Valley Community Learning Centre


Michael Sitruk

St. Lawrence School Community Learning Centre



Adult Activity & Respite Centre


Rachel Wagner

MOTHERGOOSE Program Coordinator


Lise Ouellet

CONPARLE Famille Partnership Table


Margo Legault

Literacy Volunteers of Quebec


RAPID South Shore

Resources for the Anglophone Population with Intellectual Disabilities

Kevin Erskine Henry

South Shore Community Partners Network