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Train to become a SSRC Reading Tutor

Share the wonderful gift of reading with those who need your help. Learn how to be an effective tutor with our free training, using the Laubach method.

Tutor training is usually held over the weekend and all materials are provided.

Tutors at the South Shore Reading Council (SSRC)

Our team of volunteer reading tutors plays a vital role at the South Shore Reading Council. Many volunteer reading tutors are required since our program operates on a very effective but labour-intensive one teacher to one student system. In addition to our wonderful team of volunteer reading tutors, the SSRC also boasts 2 qualified tutor trainers for new tutor training as well as ongoing training programs. Two apprentices are also available to assist in the training program for new reading tutors.

Training for new tutors

The SSRC offers a free 6-hour Basic Literacy Tutor Workshop for new reading tutors. The training, based on the Laubach Teaching Principles, is usually held over a weekend uses a comprehensive new manual which makes for a fun and informative experience.

Tutor Training Workshop: Spring 2018

For more information, please contact us at (450) 671-4375 or e-mail us at ssrc@videotron.ca

Each One Teach One

The Each One Teach One philosophy means that if you can read, you can teach another person to read.

No prior teaching experience is required.

The Laubach training method helps reading tutors to create a positive learning environment for students.

The cornerstone of the Laubach method and philosophy is built on COMPASSION.

Become a mentoring coach for new tutors

We count on our experienced and new trainers to help motivate a great new group of tutors by becoming active mentoring coaches. You can help bring new faces to the SSRC - spread the word - check our calendar for upcoming events!

Role of the tutor

The role of the tutor is to help an adult improve reading, writing, numeracy and/or other life skills in order to attain their full reading potential.


The 12-hour South Shore Reading Council Basic Literacy Tutor Workshop plus occasional additional training sessions.

Tutoring hours

Once or twice a week for one to two hours, depending on the needs and availability of both the student and the tutor.

Tutoring locations

Locations may vary; however, it is recommended that tutoring sessions initially take place in a public place, such as our office, library or school.

  • Attend tutoring sessions regularly and punctually
  • Come to tutoring sessions prepared
  • Maintain a good code of conduct and communication with your student(s)
  • Respect confidentiality and be sure to notify the SSRC coordinator of any problems or if the tutoring stops
  • Complete a monthly report of activity hours each and every month
  • Help and support
  • Materials, resources, workshops and training
  • e-News and newsletters
  • Events - a chance to meet other tutors and students
  • Opportunities to develop creative problem solving skills and to gain understanding of lifestyles and cultures different than your own
  • Satisfaction and enrichment for all